Unlimited API requests

We have unlimited API requests, you can request all of your airtable database with only one call.


We support a wide range of filtering options, you can do filter directly from a link without any techincal knowledge.


The API is in incredibly fast, you can call and filter upto 50,000 records within seconds.

Where is the Airtable API lagging?

Depsite the Airtable API amazing features, like it's automated documentation for each of your bases, create, update, and delete methods, there are major struggles.

pageSize the number of how many records can be returned with a call is a maximum of 100. This means, if you have 50k records, you'll need to call the API 500 times.

Airtable API rate limit can return only 5 records in a second. If you have 50k records, it would take almost 3 hours. Keep in mind the need to do a request every time you get 100 records.

To filter/query your data you need to know how to code.


Where nocodebase comes in ⚡

Airtable API was not built to be a backend for your website data and we've decided to be exactly that. We're going to give you a super-fast API, you'll be able to filter upto 50k records within seconds.

Keeping in mind that Airtable is a no-code tool, we've focused on building a no-code API. If until now you needed a developer to use the API, we're bringing the no-code API of Airtable. You can filter directly from the link without code!


How it works

Nocodebase clones your Airtable database and keeps your data sync, so whenever a change is made in Airtable it will automatically update in nocodebase.

We can clone your Airtable database only with your permission, this is done by you creating a project and providing your API key & base of your airtable project.

From there we store all your data and give you the super-fast API, with a private key that only you can access.